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Ontario Society of Adlerian Psychology

Social Interest ~ Gemeinschaftsgefuhl ~ Community Feeling

Advancing Adlerian Psychology in Ontario


Communications Committee

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The committee manages the organization’s website and social media sites, publish and distribute newsletters four times per year, maintains an e-mail and listserv database, prepare and distribute monthly ONSAP news, informs the members and friends of Adler about events put on by ONSAP and in the Adlerian community, facilitate communication between the organization and the community, liaise with the EPDC about workshops and teleconferences held by the committee and write an article for each newsletter.  The committee recruits members to help with its work and assign members to assist with specific events or projects.  Members of the committee can be ONSAP members, friends of Adler and volunteers in the community.  Committee meetings are held three times per year.

ONSAP Newsletter

Newsletter Submission Guidelines

The ONSAP newsletter is emailed to ONSAP members three to four times a year: February, May, September and December. Each newsletter will focus on a particular topic (in addition to other articles).  Please consider submitting an item to the newsletter editor, Charmaine McIntosh, by emailing it to her at or  Our newsletter usually may include the following sections:

Adlerian Psychology: Information about Adlerian/Individual Psychology (i.e. tasks of life, the lifestyle, striving for superiority, etc.)

Spotlight on Counselling and Psychotherapy: This section focuses on counselling and psychotherapy from an Adlerian viewpoint.

Chronicles:  Share a short story from your professional life as an educator, counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist, social worker and/or writer.  For example, an insight into how Adlerian psychology has influenced your work or a piece describing a week in your life as an Adlerian therapist.

Adlerian Expressions:  Your brief review of articles, books, plays, movies, television shows, music or art that creatively, educationally and/or therapeutically speaks to you from an Adlerian point of view.

Parent’s Corner:  This section focuses on parenting from an Adlerian perspective.

You just need to let me know in which section you would like your article to appear.  The word limit for articles is 1,000 words.

***Please submit all articles in Microsoft Word format.

Newsletter Focus and Deadlines Submissions are as follows:
February Issue: Focus - Social Interest; Deadline - January 15th
May Issue: Focus - Self Care; Deadline – May 7th
August Issue – August 15th
December Issue - November 15th


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