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Ontario Society of Adlerian Psychology

Social Interest ~ Gemeinschaftsgefuhl ~ Community Feeling

Advancing Adlerian Psychology in Ontario

Membership Committee

Chair: Linda Burdett

The Membership Committee recruits and renews members, contact all new members and welcome them to the organization, establish and implement a recruitment and retention plan, contact members, prior to expiration, and encourage them to renew, process applications, respond to assistance from members regarding membership, staff membership table at the annual conference, maintain and update the membership database, draft an article for each newsletter and answer inquiries for Adlerian therapists in the community. Members of the committee can be ONSAP members, friends of Adler and volunteers in the community with a desire for helping to build and promote ONSAP’s membership and enhance membership experience with connection and engagement. 

The committee continues to seek volunteers for the committee.  If you have any ideas for establishing and implementing a recruitment and retention plan, share them with us. Are you interested in volunteering at the membership table at the annual conference ... send us an email.  If you have a desire to help build and promote ONSAP’s membership, contact us today!



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