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Ontario Society of Adlerian Psychology

Social Interest ~ Gemeinschaftsgefuhl ~ Community Feeling

Advancing Adlerian Psychology in Ontario


North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP)

The North American Society of Adlerian Psychology was established by Rudolf Dreikurs in 1952 for professionals from a variety of disciplines such as psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, social work, family education and business to meet.  It is based on the concepts of Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler and offers an annual conference, training opportunities, journals and newsletters.  NASAP is connected with affiliate organizations throughout the world.  NASAP promote the application, principles, knowledge, training and research of Adlerian Psychology.

International Committee for Adlerian Summer School and Institutes (ICASSI)

The International Committee for Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes was established by Rudolf Dreikurs in 1962 in Denmrk.  ICASSI is an educational organization promoting the study of Individual Psychology based upon the teachings of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs.  ICASSI holds summer school in a different country each year and offers education and training to enhance Adlerian Psychology in an encouraging and stimulating environment where individuals, families and professionals can learn in a community that is internationally diverse. 

Journal of Individual Psychology

NASAP publishes the Journal of Individual Psychology which provides research and ideas about Adlerian Psychology.  Membership in NASAP includes access to the journal; however, your can access earlier issues of the Journal of Individual Psychology and the Individual Psychologist online free at Adler Journals. The journal is published four times per year.

Classic Adlerian Psychology and the Alfred Adler Institute Northwestern Washington

The Classic Adlerian Psychology website offers a wealth of information on Adlerian Psychology such stages of classic Adlerian theory and practice, birth order characteristics, style of life, reading suggestions and distance training and certification.

Adlerian Counseling and Therapy (ACT)

Adlerian Counselling and Therapy (ACT) is a section of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology serving therapist, counsellors and counsellors-in-training to develop Adlerian skills, knowledge and techniques and share Adlerian ideas with therapists and counsellors working with diverse clients and communities.

Adler Academy

The Adler Academy has been established to promote Adler's Individual Psychology as the premier knowledge-and-practice-based psychology in the Human and Organization Development world.  They offer training to practitioners in Adlerian knowledge and skills, Adlerian-focused motoring, consultation and supervision to professionals, and to establish an Adlerian Community that will extend Gemeinschaftsgefuhl to immediate, national and world cultures.


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