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by Charmaine McIntosh | on October 16, 2019

How important is it to take a moment in our daily lives to be thankful.  Adventures in Gratitude is an article that speaks about 'gratitude journey'.  It hi lights shifting one's mindset to being more grateful, and making the effort to remember the good things that have  happened and gather them in a 'mental bank'.  Read More to learn about the many advantages of gratitude.

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Children's Mental Health can Benefit From Team-Based Extracurricular Activities

by Charmaine McIntosh | on September 06, 2019

Children Extracurricular ActivityAccording to the article in the Huffingtonpost, a study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence stated that participation in team-based extracurricular activities reported positive health indicators for children.  So think about signing you child(ren) up for a team-based extracurricular activity.  They noted that it is not the activity itself, but the activity of participating.  In addition to contributing to a child's mental health, this can also help your child(ren) feel a sense of belonging. Read the Article.


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Adlerian Psychology - Early Recollections (ERs)

by Charmaine McIntosh | on August 27, 2019

Alfred Adler’s Early Recollections (ERs) can help to provide insights into an individual’s life style.  Adler said, “A person’s true attitude toward life can be discerned from his earliest dreams and recollected experiences, proving that such memories are also constructed according to a playful procedure” (Adler’s Interpretation of Early Recollections: Historical Account, Ansbacher, Heinz, L., p. 136).  Learn a little bit more about Adlerian Psychology’s ERs.  Read Here.

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